15secTech Wk1508a: Drinking apps, charging monitors, battery tips, & more!

This week Jeff has 5 great tips for preserving your laptop’s battery life, plus the Intellidrink app for iOS to help you track your beverages and blood alcohol level to stay safe on these summer weekends when the beer is flowing. Amber spotlights Yahoo’s new Lifetext app for Android and iOS that lets you see video of the person you’re texting without any audio, which could be handy for private conversations in public places. Lara brings the news that Samsung has announced the SE370 monitor which allows wireless charging near its base for Qi-compatible devices, plus she highlights the Shutta App that lets you pull stills from your video footage without losing any resolution. Shutta is available now on iOS, and they let us know that they’re working on the Android version as well!

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