Wk1509a: Back to School Cases, Apps, Tips, and More!

It's our 15secTech Back To School special! Lara's got a great laptop backpack and iPad case, Amber's got a couple of great apps, including LaLa Lunchbox meal planning for families, and Jeff gives some tips on where you should install your wireless router to get the best signal.

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Wk1508b: Griffin iPad Case, PumpUp Fitness App, Instagram on Hootsuite, and more!

This week on 15secTech, Jeff shows off the sweet TurnFolio iPad case from Griffin and talks about Hootsuite's new integration with Instagram. (It's a step in the right direction, but unfortunately you still can't completely automate your Instagram posts.) Amber has news about the Skylander game adding multiplayer functionality, and Lara discovered a super positive fitness community via the PumpUp app.

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