Ep0001: Welcome to 15secTech!

I’m really excited to launch my newest video podcast project, 15secTech, with co-hosts Jeff MacArthur and Lara Killian. Every weekday look for our 15 second Instagram videos where we’ll cover a variety of tech tips and spotlights, gadget and app reviews, and much more. Each day’s video will have a related blog post at 15sectech.com with notes for you to learn more about that day’s topic. At the end of the week we’ll put it all together into a YouTube video summary with extra commentary and more details for you. 15secTech is produced and supported by my digital agency, Konnekt.

In 2005 Jeff and I created commandN.tv, a video podcast featuring interviews, technology and social media segments, product reviews, mobile tips, web picks, and more. commandN has been featured in Wired Magazine, PC Magazine, and even the Adventures of Superman! Interviews on the show have included director David Cronenberg, architect Frank Gehry, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and author William Gibson. We absolutely loved spending time producing commandN, talking with experts and personalities in media and technology, and getting your feedback about the show. After the better part of a decade establishing our work in the podcast space, we wanted to try something fresh and creative.

When we decided to change our delivery format to give you an even shorter and more to the point production, we were excited to see what we could cram into Instagram’s 15 second video format. It’s a great new challenge to bring you quick snippets about relevant and interesting tech tips, useful and original apps on multiple platforms, plus innovative web services, sites, and gadgets that we personally use in our personal and professional lives.

You can breeze through any content you’ve missed in no time given our micro format and be sure to find something new and fun that you’ll want to share with your own network. And definitely check out the YouTube wrap-up for details we couldn’t fit into this short time frame! You can connect with us on all the major social media networks. Send us your ideas for segments, and let us know what you think about what you’ve seen so far. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about our new format!

- Amber Mac

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