Ep0003: Cutting Keystrokes & Saving Time

Cutting keystrokes to save time on #Windows & #Mac - #15secTech tech #tip with @jeffmacarthur

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I used to do a lot of coding and when you code you realize how much time cutting out a few keystrokes on repetitive tasks can save you, so here's a great tip that works with most text content on both Windows and Mac computers:

  • Double-click on a word to select the entire word
  • Triple-click on a word to select the whole line or paragraph it's in (whether it's a line or paragraph that gets selected will vary by context)

Then you can quickly delete the selected text, copy and paste it, or do whatever else you need to speed up the job.

PS: Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts if you have any other great tips we should share!

15secTech-0003-Jeff MacArthur

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