Ep0030: Following Twitter Lists

Great #15secTech #tip by @larakillian on how to follow #Twitter lists!

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If you follow a lot of people on Twitter, or even a few people who tweet a lot, your main Twitter stream probably shows a ton of different topics and media clips at any given time. There can often be a sense of incoherence, and if you're looking for anything specific it can be tough to spot. You probably know about lists, where you can add accounts that have something in common, like friends who live in  your city, so you can  check in on a specific type of content when you want. A related feature that seems to be less commonly utilized is following lists, rather than adding individual accounts to your own list. This is a quick, easy way to make use of the legwork someone has already done.

Recently there was some breaking news happening near me and I realized I wasn't following very many local news outlets, so I wasn't seeing the latest news in my stream. Rather than searching for a bunch of news organizations and following them, or building my own list by adding them (you don' t have to follow an account to add it to a list), I found a trusted local journalist's curated list and followed it so I can easily see breaking news all in one place when it matters most.

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