Ep0041: Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm

Do you ever wonder whether that blinking light on your fire or carbon monoxide detector means it's working or that it's broken? Have you ever removed the batteries from your alarm (rendering it useless) because you just can't figure out how to make it stop chirping? I think a lot of us have gone through these frustrations and it really seems like the team at Next Protect has created something that truly revolutionizes what has historically been a horrible user experience.

Nest Protect combines both fire and carbon monoxide alarms in a single attractive unit available in black or white, as well as wire powered or battery-driven. Nest Protect connects to your wifi and lets you monitor and receive notifications on the accompanying app. The setup is extermely simple (I would love other product makers to adopt the "I'll emit a wireless network once I'm turned on & then you can tell me your home network" approach) and when your Nest Protect has to tell you something, it uses a human voice with clear instructions instead of a flashing light. At roughly $100, Next Protect is affordable and is also interoperable with other Nest Protect units (mapped to different rooms/areas) as well as the Nest Thermostat. You can even have your Nest Protect turn on its light at night if it detects you walking in the vicinity.

PS: Happy New Year!!!

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