Ep0043: Update Online Profiles + About.me in the New Year

Updating your online profiles & About.me for @larakillian first #15secTech year's tips

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It's 2015! The new year is a perfect time to make sure that your website and online profiles are all up to date. Check your bio on the social networks you use and make sure they're current - plus that they reflect what you actually want people to know about when they first run into you on Twitter, LinkedIn, or other networks. Maybe you have a personal website that needs to be checked over, or maybe you've never set one up. It's getting easier all the time to have your own little piece of the Internet, whether you want to showcase your work, demo your skills for potential employers, or establish a place to collect your thoughts on a particular topic.

A very easy place to get started with a personal website is About.me. About.me acts as a landing page for introducing people to all the places they can find you online, and there are lots of similar services you can test out. I redirect my personal URL, larakillian.com, so that it lands on an About.me page: http://about.me/larakillian. About.me also has a simple iOS app called Intro that turns your About.me profile into a business card to share when you're out networking and get caught in short supply. You can use your Facebook credentials with the app if you don't have an About.me profile. Intro lets you choose to share your About.me page, your email address and/or your phone number - each time you use the app you can control how much info you share with your new contact.

Whether you set up a new website, update your current one, or just make a list of the networks you use and make sure to go through them to check that the info there is current, it will feel great to make sure your online profile is all tidied up and ready to make the most of the new year!

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