Ep0048: Faster Charging For Mobile Phones

#Tips on faster charging for your mobile phone by @jeffmacarthur on #15secTech

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Sometimes you need to make sure you get as much juice for your phone as you possibly can in the short window you might have to charge it. If you need to make the most of your charging time then try the following tips:

  1. Put your phone in Airplane Mode (this will turn off the wifi, Bluetooth, and other elements that consume power)
  2. Turn off your screen (try to resist checking it repeatedly to see how much it's charged, as the screen is one of the biggest power hogs)
  3. Plug it into a wall (not your computer) and use a higher voltage adaptor if you have one (e.g. your iPad charger for your iPhone - make sure that other devices are compatible first, though)

Of course, you could also turn your phone off during charging if you want to make extra sure it's not wasting any power being awake, too!

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