Ep0052: Good Job, Brain Podcast

My daily commute is constantly improved by a variety of awesome podcasts on all sorts of topics. I listen to a lot of podcasts and also love trivia. A good mix of both is a show called "Good Job, Brain", and they have a whole episode dedicated to Internet trivia where you're sure to learn something new:

Let's face it, we all heart the internet, so this week, we are jamming pub-quiz-worthy webby facts into the tubes to your brain. Learn about the history behind the @ symbol and how it became synonymous with email, and find out where salad.com and coffee.com take you, along with other generic URLs that cleverly redirects you to some of the top brands and companies. Take the country domain quiz, and just how email savvy are you?

15secTech-0052-GoodJobBrain-Lara-Lara Killian

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