Ep0071: WhatColourIsIt.com Website Project

#Time for fun with #hex codes & colors at WhatColourIsIt.com with @larakillian on #15secTech

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From Berlin-based design group SCN9A comes WhatColourIsIt.com, a web page that displays the current time as a digital clock as well as translating the hours, minutes, and seconds into the corresponding hex code that displays as the coloured background. James E. Murphy is the artist behind the SCN9A projects, which include audio, video, and computer programming and glitch-related visualizations.
Visit scn9a.org for more creative and multimedia projects this team is working on, including Daily Swatch, which shows you a uniquely generated RGB swatch for today's date, and could give you some inspiration if your'e trying to come up with a colour theme for a current project.

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