Ep0074: Google Health & the Mayo Clinic

Where's the first place you turn when you need to look up something about your health or have a question about a family member's condition or symptoms? One in 20 Google searches is for health information! The Pew Research Center also reports that 77% of health inquiries start with a search engine. Even more searches start at known health-related websites, so many of us are turning to the Internet (or "Dr. Google") for quick info on medical topics. Unfortunately some of the results can be misleading and unhelpful. Pro tip: if a website's tone makes you feel instantly worried or nervous, it is probably not a good source of research-backed info!

Google has just announced it is partnering with trusted health authority the Mayo Clinic to improve search results about common medical conditions. Depending on your search you may also see high-quality licensed medical images near the top of your search. I know I would be happy to see some of the fear-mongering content on health topics buried deep in search results (or even better, not included at all)! Users looking for health info should see basic, high-quality info about symptoms and treatment from vetted sources, so you can follow up with fine-tuning your research and asking your healthcare provider the right questions.

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