Ep0086: Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Analytics URL Builder is an incredibly handy tool to use if you’re running online campaigns. By using Google’s URL builder, you can add custom parameters to your links, including Campaign Source, which tells where the traffic is coming from, for example your March 1st Newsletter or a corporate Twitter post; the Campaign Medium, which tells what kind of source it’s coming from, for example email, pay per click, or social media; and the Campaign Name, which is just whatever you want to call your campaign.

Now when you look at your Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see which of your custom URL links was used to visit the page in question, letting you know if most of the hits on that webpage were the result of when you sent it out in your email newsletter, or through Twitter, or whatever other methods you’ve used.

15secTech-0086-URLbuilder-Jeff-Jeff MacArthur

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