Ep0095: YouTube Music Awards 2015

#YouTube Music Awards - some incredible video recommendations by @larakillian on #15secTech

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This week YouTube honored 50 artists who have impacted YT the most in the past year. Check out the intro to the Awards, with 4.5M views as of this blog post writing. Winners were selected based on views, subscribers, and engagement, so it's no surprise to see a ton of pop artists celebrated for their presence on the platform.

Hosted by Youtuber, podcaster, and "shameless self-promoter" @tyleroakley, the 2015 YT music awards includes over a dozen never-before-seen, over-the-top music videos. While Ed Sheeran & Rudimental's video for "Bloodstream" featuring actor Ray Liotta caught my eye, I really loved Lindsey Stirling's fantasy-world video for "Take Flight" and Norwegian DJ "Ki-go"'s extra-terrestrial video for "Stole the show". The first YT Music awards were directed by Spike Jonze in 2013 in NYC, and winners were chosen entirely by fans. This follow up series of awards is the first to be held completely online.

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