Ep0098: Hidden Egg Hunt App

#Easter fun with the Hidden Egg Hunt game #app for #Android & #iOS WITH @larakillian

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This is a fun little iOS and Android app from Zivix for Easter and springtime fun - maybe for your kids, and maybe for you! The player has one minute to find as many eggs and other tokens as possible to gain points. They're pretty well-hidden in wallpaper-style patterned backgrounds. Hidden Egg Hunt runs fine on older versions of iOS so it's great for a hand-me-down phone you let your kids use. Select from different backgrounds to hunt in, from an Easter Forest to a Chocolate Factory, to a field of spring flowers. Not only are you hunting for eggs, there are hourglass-shaped time boosters, and X-ray vision glasses to find that will let you see for a few seconds where eggs are hidden. The graphics are cute and it's a nice simple concept. Score enough tokens and you can unlock even more levels to look for eggs in. Happy hunting!

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