Ep0115: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gold Platinum Unboxing

The latest Samsung smartphone is now on the market, but it might be hard to track down the Gold Platinum version of this shiny new device. Thanks to my contacts at Samsung in South Korea, I'm sharing the unboxing here first on 15secTech. My top three favourite features include:

  • Fast Charging - Charge for 10 minutes for 4 hours of usage (also has wireless charging built in)
  • Quick Camera - Camera launches in a flash; also, 5MP front-facing camera is excellent for selfies (and rear 16MP camera is great for all your photos)
  • Dual Edge Display - The gorgeous screen boasts curved edges that allow you to display extra information, such as alarm clock functionality

This is a sexy new phone that is already a hit with consumers - find out more about pricing and accessories.

-Amber Mac

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