Ep0117: Peak Brain Training for Android & iOS


Give your #brain a workout with the Peak brain training app - @larakillian on #15secTech

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Peak Brain Training for Android and iOS offers a variety of cognitive exercising games to help sharpen your memory and concentration. Peak calls it a "mobile gym for your brain". To start you get to choose some ways you'd like to train your brain, and the app presents you with a daily mix of games that aim to achieve that goal. You can track your progress and compare yourself to other users near your age or in your profession. In-app purchases on a subscription model allow you to unlock more games and functionality. With full access you can choose to play any of the games that you like, and see additional insights and stats for individual games, including your improvement over time for specific tasks. The user interface is really well laid out and each game starts with a quick instrucitonal video so you can get going right away. 15secTech-0117-PeakBrain-Lara-Lara Killian

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