Ep0167: Cool Uses for a Cameraphone (Part 2/2)

Cool uses for your smartphone's camera, part two - #15secTech #tips with @jeffmacarthur

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Your smarphone camera can be more than just a nice jewel at the end of your selfie stick. Continuing from our previous segment, here are three more ways you can use your phone's camera to make your life easier:

  1. Take a photo of the ingredients list for a recipe before going shopping instead of writing it down.
  2. Take pictures of receipts or cheques when received to help with your bookkeeping.
  3. And my personal favorite, snap a photo of someone holding a book or CD or other item you plan to loan to them so you remember who has it, what they have, and when they borrowed it.

Check out my previous segment for Part 1/2 or catch it all on the weekend YouTube ep. -Jeff MacArthur

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