Ep0192: Andrew Hedge's Online Aspect Ratio Calculator

I’ve been working in web design and video production for a more than a decade and I’ve been using Andrew Hedge’s online Aspect Ratio Calculator for a good chunk of that time. So if you have an image that you need to fit in a specific aspect ratio - whether that’s a 16:9 video screen, a 4:3 thumbnail size for your website, or some crazy Facebook Cover Photo image ratio...

  1. Simply enter the ratio you need, or select it from the pulldown of common ratios.
  2. Then enter either the width or the height of the image you want to work.
  3. And the aspect ratio calculator will tell you what the other dimension should be. 

This is super handy if you need to crop photos or pad out existing imagery to fit a given area, so give it a try! -Jeff MacArthur

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