Ep0197: Wireless Router Positioning for Best Signal

Going back to school means moving into a new apartment or other lodging for a lot of people, so we thought we'd share a tech tip for anyone who has to decide where to set up a new wireless router. Where you position your router can be key to getting a great signal, so keep the following points in mind:

  1. Place it in a central location where the signal can radiate out in all directions without having to cross the entire distance of your new home.
  2. Remember that brick, metal, walls, and other objects all block your signal to varying degrees, so minimize the obstructions on your signal path for best results.
  3. Keep your router away from microwaves and other radiating devices that could interfere with your signal.
  4. Finally, ideally position your router up high near the ceiling where there are less objects to interfere with your wifi, including those signal-blocking, water-filled,  flesh-bags we call people. :-)

- Jeff MacArthur

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