Ep0206: iOS 9 Favorite New Features

3 great new features in #iOS9 - @jeffmacarthur on #15secTech

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iOS 9 is fresh off the presses and has a load of new features for iPhone and iPad users. While not necessarily the flashiest additions, here are three features that I love:

  • I press the Home and power button on my iPhone to take screenshots all the time but I hate that there's no easy way to find these again. Thankfully, the new Photos app introduces automatically-populated albums both for screenshots and all your Selfie shots taken with the front-facing camera on your device.
  • We've covered things you can do to help charge your battery faster and preserve battery life, but Apple has one-upped us by introducing a new Low Power Mode that helps preserve your charge by disabling, Air Drop, Automatic Downloads, and some other features. And, in a nice touch, if you turn this on when prompted at 20 or 10% battery life, the setting will automatically turn itself back off when your charge reaches 80%.
  • Finally, Settings has become a total mess in iOS and it's getting increasingly hard to predict where to do things like manage your storage, which, requires going into the General Settings tab and then clicking Usage to finally get to a screen where I can click Manage Storage to get to another screen where I can actually manage my storage. Now, you can just go into your Settings app and do a search to find what you're looking for.

Let us know what your favorite new iOS 9 features are on our social media channels! - Jeff MacArthur

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