Ep202: New Apple TV, iPad Pro, and iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Apple's Fall events are my favorites because they usually deal with the most cutting edge hardware and this year was no different. I'm most excited about the completely revamped Apple TV, which has an updated interface and a brand new app store for games and other apps for the big screen. To interact with your Apple TV, you'll use the new remote that includes a touchscreen, voice recognition, motion sensors, and more. Just one example of a problem that all this solves is the fact that, if you're watching a movie and miss what somebody said, you can trigger voice control and ask "What did they just say?" and your Apple TV will respond by rewinding the scene and temporarily putting up closed captions so you don't miss a thing.

The other big hardware news was the new 12.9" iPad Pro, which can optionally make use of the new Apple Pencil stylus. The iPad Pro has more processing power than 80% of portable computers on the market and for the first time in an iOS device adds 4-speaker audio to enormously improve sound from the device. They've also added a new Smart Connector that uses three contacts to provide power and bi-directional data for Apple's new Smart Keyboard and, I'm assuming, a ton of future accessories.

Finally, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus use the same form factor as the previous version but adds a new Rose Gold finish, hijacks the Apple Watch's Force Touch feature in the form of the new 3D touch, which yields new peep and pop interface interactions and shortcuts, and comes with an even better camera and the cool new Live Photos effect that lets you see the moments before and after a photo was taken and which Facebook is apparently also going to support.

All in all, definitely a couple new things on my Christmas list this year. - Jeff MacArthur

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