Wk1505b: Mother's Day tech, Ecamm for Skype & Sidekick Email notifications, plus HowOldRobot!

This week, Jeff gets a new haircut, Amber's styling in old-school waves, and oh wait! We talk lots of tech!!
Amber fits 5 hot tech gift recommendations for mom into 15 seconds (good for all year long, not just Mother's Day!), plus highlights a Microsoft's #HowOldRobot that will guess your age based on a photo. Jeff has two great tools for business: Sidekick email notifications and Ecamm's call recorder that integrates with Skype to give you video output in side by side or split screen mode with separate audio channels so you can use your footage to cut together podcasts and more. Lara brings us a creative photography account on Instagram, Ingram Barss, who takes three photos at a time to display images as a panorama or triptych when seen in the app's grid view.

Also check out Amber's new radio show, The Feed, premiering today on SiriusXM Canada with Michael B featuring an hour of tech talk as well as sound bytes from the 15secTech team!

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